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Note we only take bookings using the ResDiary interface below - please wait for it to load. Maximum table size is 6 at all times.



Niche is an independent restaurant relying upon bookings being honoured by our guests or sufficient notice being given of any required changes to reservations. Please be advised that a valid debit/credit card will be required to secure your reservation at all times. No charge is applied to this card, except in the event of one of the below instances:

  1. There is a 'no show' of which we receive no prior notice

  2. There is a late cancellation i.e. notified after 12pm on the day of the reservation

  3. There is a significant change in the number of diners and this is not notified before 12pm on the day of the reservation.
    In all these circumstances, a fee of £10 per person (rising to £20 on Friday & Saturday evening) not present, will be charged to the card provided at the time of booking.

During busy times, your table will be held for 15 minutes before being offered to another table if someone is waiting for a table, so if you are going to be late please let us know!

Please note that if you are calling the restaurant to book a table, we will take your email address and you will have to upload your card details to the secure site via an emailed link, otherwise your table will be automatically cancelled. It is way simpler to book online as there's no escaping this requirement and the whole thing is easier, quicker and more secure. Please do check that that you have received an email booking confirmation, because if you haven't then the chances are something went wrong and we won't have your reservation! These measures are borne out of necessity and we would appreciate your support and understanding.



Group bookings

We do not take bookings of over 6 guests at any time. I know this is frustrating and we get many emails asking us to make an exception, but it is borne out of necessity.  Please do not book 2 tables and ask us to put them together, as we will not be able to accommodate this.


We are a small but often busy restaurant limited in space, and larger tables are both challenging for the kitchen and are not conducive to a pleasant experience for our other guests.

Lunch (Saturday 12pm-2.30pm, Sunday 12pm-4pm):

We are open for lunch at the weekends. All tables are allocated 1.5 hours to dine by default, but if you think you would like longer, please just say in the notes and we will happily accommodate your request if we can. 


Pre-theatre (5.00pm-7.30pm):

We allocate 1.5 hours to dine for up to 6 diners during this time.  Please book between 5-6pm, so you have the chance to relax and enjoy your meal. Please be aware that arriving at 6.30pm expecting to leave at 7.15pm will just make the whole experience stressful for everyone!

Dinner (7.30pm-9.30pm):

We do not operate a table return policy during this time, so relax and enjoy your evening!

Service Charge:

Like most independent restaurants in London, we add an (optional) 12.5% service charge to all bills. We do this so that we can ensure our staff are paid well above the market rate, encouraging the best staff to work for us and live a decent life. Small independent restaurants cannot compete with the chain venues who rely on volume to pass on a decent level of tips to their staff, so this is the only way we can both satisfy our legal and tax obligations and retain our staff in a very competitive market.

Allergies and dietary requirements

Niche is proud to be London's first Coeliac UK accredited 100% gluten free restaurant and we take this very seriously. Our menu is also now nut-free and sesame-free and we also have many dairy-free and vegan dishes denoted by a DF or VE symbol on our menus. We take all allergens and the safety around them seriously and indeed they are listed clearly on every dish on our menu. 

Birthday cakes and guests own food: 

Niche is a strictly 100% gluten, nut and sesame-free restaurant and therefore we are unable to allow any food not supplied by us into the restaurant (including baby food). Our staff are also not permitted to bring in their own food as we take cross-contamination very seriously and ask that all our guests also respect this. Unfortunately we are not able to make birthday or celebration cakes.


Niche is an intimate space and many of our guests are sensitive to various allergies. We are therefore unable to accommodate dogs and other pets in the restaurant. 


Our chicken dishes and beef burger are now Halal. In addition, the roast beef and chicken on the Sunday Lunch menu are also now Halal and shown with a (H) symbol on the menus.

Send us an message:

Please do not use this form to book a table as we cannot accept reservations in this way. 


Use the form below to ask any questions before or after your booking is made. If you are still looking to book a table, the ResDiary booking interface is at the top of the page. Please scroll back up as it takes a little time to load sometimes so it will be there now!

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